Baby Show 2022

Co-ordinators:  Maria Hill & Jamie Janekovic


Sunday August 7th 11:00am 10-18 months 12:30pm 0-9 months

Back by popular demand the baby show will return to the fair this year!

We are looking forward to meeting all of the babies and their families!

Everyone is welcome to come and join in the fun. Whether you decide to participate or cheer on a family member or friend you’ll be sure to have a great time.

There is no membership required and no entry fee (parents must pay fair admission). Babies aged 18 months and younger are invited to come and strut their stuff on stage, and be given a chance to talk about some of their interests, favourite foods and hobbies.

Some of the categories the judges will be using include chubbiest cheeks, curliest hair, best dressed etc. Each participant will receive a special gift bag and certificate.

Only 25 entries will be accepted in each age group (first come, first serve)

Please email the following information to the

  • Baby’s First & Last Name
  • Baby’s date of birth
  • Parent(s) name(s)
  • City
  • Telephone number

As we introduce the babies during the show, we like to say something about them. To help with this, please also include at least three of the following:

  • Baby’s favorite food
  • Baby’s favorite animal
  • Baby’s current hobbies
  • Baby’s newest discovery
  • Favorite part of the Navan Fair
  • Other character trait or interesting tidbit of your choice.

Please make an effort to submit entries before Monday, August 1st, 2022

Participants are asked to arrive approximately 10-15 minutes before the show start time (10:45am for 10-18 months, and 12:15pm for 0-9 months).

Hope to see everyone there!