Floriculture (Horticulture) 2022

Director: Brenda Presley

Committee: Anne-Marie Potvin, Kelly Sirvin, Betty Neilands and Guylaine Lemieux

Please note:  Flower exhibits will be received on Wednesday, Aug 3rd and will be judged on Thursday, Aug 4th.

Rules and Regulation



If you don’t have access to a computer, contact the Director before 15th July or you will not be registered and therefore not eligible for judging.


a.  All exhibits must be grown by the exhibitor.

b.   Use fresh flowers in arrangements unless specified otherwise.

c.  One entry per exhibitor in each section.

d.  Exhibitors must supply all vessels for their exhibits.

e.  No flexible containers to be used.  Be sure containers are heavy enough to hold top heavy flowers such as gladiolus.

f.  Containers should be as specified as they are considered in the judging.

g.  To qualify as an exhibitor with highest points of the show placement, the exhibitor must enter at least one item in each of Classes 1 and 2, as well as, at least one of the Arrangements in Class 5.  Please note: Points will be awarded for ALL classes.

h.  Entries to be phoned in to Brenda Presley 613 284-7337, email to pres103@hotmail.ca or dropped off at the Fair Office, no later than Friday, July 15th.

i.  Entries will be received between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM, Wednesday, August 3rd.

j.  No exhibits will be accepted on Thursday, August 4th when judging takes place.

k.  Exhibits must be left until 4:30 PM, Sunday, August 7th.  No early removals please.

l.  After 6:00 PM Sunday, August 7th, you, the exhibitor, are responsible for you own exhibits.

m.  See complete Rules and Regulations in the front of this book.

n.  Prize money can be picked up anytime starting Saturday, August 6th and will be available until end of day Tuesday, August 09th, 2022 following the Fair.

o.  Due to the past Covid issues, most cash prizes will not be given this year. Ribbons only except for Special Prizes (i.e. Highest Total Points) 

(For children classes, cash will always be awarded)

The following Hints for Exhibiting Flowers should be read and applied to ensure your entries are not disqualified.

  • All exhibits should be attractively arranged.
  • A spray is a portion of plant with a number of flowers.
  • A stem is a plant structure carrying one or more flowers and/or buds.
  • A bloom is an individual flower, one to a stem.
  • If a bud is not opened and not showing colour, it does not count as a bloom and it should be removed.
  • Exhibit must be exactly as specified for the class.
  • Do not leave seed head on cut flower exhibits.
  • Watch for wilted petals.  Judges award fewer points if flowers are wilted.
  • Flowers should be uniform in size, colour and development.
  • Ideal gladiolus spike should de 40% bloom, 30% bud showing colour, and 30% green tip.
  • Hybrid Tea Roses are shown disbudded.
  • In cut flower categories, no extra stems of foliage should be added.

CLASS 1:  Cut Flowers

  1. Asters, 3 blooms, one colour.
  2. Asters, 3 blooms, mixed colours.
  3. Calendulas, 3 blooms, one variety.
  4. Celosia, 3 stems.
  5. Cleome, 3 stems.
  6. Collection of tall growing annuals, over 12” in height, 3 different kinds  2 spikes, sprays or stems of each kind, in one container labelled.  Annual bulbs (e.g. dahlias, glads) may be used
  7. Collection of short growing annuals under 12” in height, 3 different kinds  2 spikes, sprays or stems of each kind, in one container labelled.
  8. Collection of perennials, 3 different kinds 2 stems of each kind, in one container labelled.
  9. Coneflowers, 3 blooms, any colour.
  10. Coreopsis, 3 stems.
  11. Cornflowers, 3 stems, mixed colours.
  12. Cosmos, 3 blooms, mixed colours.
  13. Dahlias, over 6”, 1 bloom.
  14. Dahlias, 2 blooms, one colour 3-6” in diameter.
  15. Dahlias, 2 blooms, one colour under 3” in diameter.
  16. Dahlias, 2 different varieties, one bloom of each.
  17. Gladiolus, 1 spike of one colour, in a suitable container.
  18. Gladiolus, 1 spike of one variety, bi-colour or tri-colour, in a suitable container.
  19. Gladiolus, a collection of 3 varieties, 1 spike of each, in a suitable container.
  20. Heuchera leaves, 3 stems.
  21. Hosta leaves, collection of 3 different kinds 2 stems of each
  22. Hosta leaves, giant, minimum dimension 8 inches in width 2 stems.
  23. Hosta leaves, variegated, one variety, 3 stems.
  24. Hydrangea, coloured, 3 stems, with foliage.
  25. Hydrangea, white (not green), 3 stems, with foliage.
  26. Hydrangea, largest bloom.
  27. Liatris, 3 stems.
  28. Lily, Oriental, 1 bloom floated in a bowl.
  29. Lily, any other, including tiger lilies, 1 stem, (no daylilies)
  30. Marigolds, 1”-2” in diameter, 3 blooms.
  31. Marigolds, 2”-4” in diameter, 3 blooms.
  32. Nasturtiums, 3 blooms.
  33. Obedient plant, 3 stems.
  34. Ornamental Grass (cultivated) 3 fresh stems of one variety, displayed in a vase.
  35. Pansies, with own foliage, 3 blooms (no violas)
  36. Petunias, double, 3 blooms.
  37. Petunias, single, 3 blooms.
  38. Phlox, 3 sprays, perennials, any solid colour.
  39. Phlox, 3 sprays, perennials, bi-coloured blooms.
  40. Phlox, 3 sprays, perennials, mixed colours
  41. Rose, floated in a rose bowl, with foliage.
  42. Rose, collection at least 3 different varieties.
  43. Roses, Hybrid Tea, 1 bloom.
  44. Roses, miniature, 3 stems.
  45. Rudbeckia, 3 blooms.
  46. Snapdragons, 3 spikes, mixed colours
  47. Sunflowers, 1 stem.
  48. Sweet peas, annuals, 3 stems, assorted colours.
  49. Sweet peas, perennials, 3 stems.
  50. Zinnias, 1” -3”, 3 blooms with own foliage.
  51. Zinnias, over 3”, 3 blooms with own foliage.

Prize money for Class 1 – Only 1st prize at $6.00

Highest Points in Class 1: $30.00 value

CLASS 2:  Potted Plants

52.  African Violet, single, in bloom, one crown.

53.  Begonia, Dragon Wing, in bloom.

54.  Begonia, Rieger, in bloom.

55.  Begonia, Tuberous, in bloom

56.  Begonia, waxed, single, in bloom.

57.  Collection of succulents, minimum of 3 varieties, in a single pot.

58.  Fairy Garden  20 inches maximum.  All live plants. Accessories may be used.

59.  Foliage Coleus (1 per pot)

60.  Geranium, in bloom (grown in its own pot)

61..  Impatiens, New Guinea, in bloom (grown in its own pot)

62..  Hanging plant, one variety, to be home grown, non-blooming.

63.  Hanging plant, one variety, to be home grown, blooming.

64.  Hanging basket, mixed blooms and vines to be home grown.

65.  Herbs and veggies, a collection in a window box, labelled (maximum 32” in length)

66.  Succulent, any kind, no cacti.

67.  House plant, other than those listed in Sections 52 -66, labelled

Prize money for Class 2 – – Only 1st prize at $6.00

Highest Points in Class 2: $30.00 value

CLASS 3:  Collection of House Plants

Collection of house plants, 3 varieties in a separate pot, labelled, on a tray appropriate for the size of the plants.

Prize money for Class 3

1st – $20.00      

CLASS 4:  Best Planter

In memory of Helen Burns, sponsored by Gordon and Ruth Curry

Garden planter using assorted flowers in bloom, and vines (vines optional) to be displayed on ground (no stands).

Prize money for Class 4

1st – $25.00         

CLASS 5:  Arrangements

Flower arrangements are to be viewed from all sides unless stated otherwise.

  1. Here Comes the Bride!

A fresh flower arrangement suitable for a centerpiece at a wedding, not to exceed 16” in any direction.

2.  A Tiny Box of Magic

A miniature fresh flower arrangement in a unique box, total size not to exceed 5” in any direction.

3.  Winter Wonderland

An arrangement using white and red flowers and green foliage.  Accessories may be used.

4.  A Squirrel Harvest

A fresh flower, one-sided arrangement using wild flowers, foliage, nuts and cones.  Maximum height of 24”. No noxious weeds please!


A multicolored fresh flower arrangement in a Mason Jar.

Prize money for Class 5

1st – $15.00

Additional Prizes

  • Exhibitor with the Highest Total Points of the Show:
  •  $20.00 prize value. This exhibitor will also receive the Eldred Hayes Memorial trophy at the Agricultural Society Annual Meeting in January.
  • Exhibitor with the 2nd Highest Total Points of the Show:  $10.00 prize value.
  • New Exhibitor with the Highest Total Points of the Show:  $10.00 prize value.


Kids Rules and Regulations

  1. All classes are fresh flowers only.
  2. Flowers must be home-grown, by child or parent.
  3. All entries must be phoned in to Brenda Presley 613-284-7337 emailed to pres103@hotmail.ca (only if you have no computer access).or dropped off at the Fair Office no later than Friday 15th July.  
  4. All containers are to be supplied by the exhibitor.
  5. Points will be awarded for each placement for a chance at extra prizes.

Prize Money for each category in Kids Flower Division is:

1st – $5.00       2nd – $4.00       3rd – $3.00      4th – $2.00      5th – $1.00

FAIR THEME CLASSES:  1st Prize will be $5.00 in each age group for these special classes.


Highest Overall Points: $10.00

Best Youth Entry: $8.00


  1. Leaves of Plenty

An arrangement of assorted types of leaves and a single flower.

2.  Summer Fun

A colorful arrangement in a beach pail.

  1. Fair Theme Class

Theme is 75 Years

A colorful arrangement with accessories depicting the fair theme.


4.  Waterworks

A small watering can filled with garden flowers.

5.  I Love Candy Floss

A fresh flower arrangement using only pink flowers

  1. Fair Theme Class

Theme is 75th Anniversary

A colorful arrangement with accessories depicting the fair theme

12 TO 16 YEARS

7.  In a Hurry- No Time to Fuss

An arrangement of fresh flowers made in a hurry.  Put it together fast, anything goes.

8.  Grandma Purse/Grandpa Shoe

An arrangement in a purse or a mans shoe (using a waterproof container inside) not to exceed 12” in height.

9.  Fair Theme Class

Theme is 75th Anniversary

A colorful arrangement with accessories depicting the fair theme