Light Horse Show 2023

Saturday, August 12th, 2023

**LOCATION Arena, 11:30 am**

Judge: Joan Lyle

Director: Linda Wyman

Committee: Tammy Westra, Cindy Gauthier

Rules and Regulations

  1. All exhibitors must show proof of $1,000,000.00 liability insurance coverage or entries will be refused.
  2. Each Exhibitor must purchase a 2023 Exhibitor Membership prior to the fair in order to exhibit.  Please refer to the membership section for prices. Payment must accompany the entry form. Exhibitors that have not purchased a 2023 membership will not be permitted to exhibit.
  3. Entry fees will be deducted at the rate of 15% from all prize money.
  4. In order to enter in stake class, animals must have been shown and been judged in the open class.
  5. No cross entering will be allowed.
  6. Entries must be received by July 28th, 2023: mailed to the Secretary, Navan Fair, 1279 Colonial Road, Navan, ON, K4B 1N1, or e-mailed to Visit our website ( for online entry form with capability to pay via PayPal.
  • Although negative Coggins Test results are not required for horse entries, the CTAS recommends that exhibitors have all horses fully vaccinated and Coggins tested for the protection of themselves, their horses and other exhibitors.
  • Animals showing signs of contagious diseases or parasitic infections, e.g. ringworm, IBR, lice, etc., will not be allowed on the grounds.  If a Veterinary check is required, it will be at the expense of the exhibitor and the veterinary ‘s decision is final.
  • In addition, the CTAS recommends that all animals have proof of Rabies Immunization a minimum of 30 days prior to the show in order to comply with O. Reg. 497/17, which is in affect as of July 1st, 2019.

Prizes for Regular Classes 1st – $50.   2nd – $45.   3rd – $40.   4th – $35.   5th – $30.   EOE – $25.

Prizes for Stake Classes 1st – $100.   2nd – $90.   3rd – $80.   4th – $70.   5th – $60.   EOE – $50.


Children’s Pony Division:

6.  Child’s Saddle Pony 14.2 hands and under, ridden by a child 18 years and under.

21.  Child’s Saddle Pony, Stake, ridden by a child 18 years and under.

12.  Child’s Parade Pony, ridden by a child 18 years and under.

17.  Child’s Parade Pony, Stake, ridden by a child 18 years and under.

Harness Pony Division 44” And Under:

3.  Single Harness Pony.

29.  Harness Pony Stake.

Fine Harness Show Pony Over 44” & Not Exceeding 50”:

14.  Fine Harness Show Pony.

18.  Fine Harness Show Pony Stake.

Hackney Pony Division:

8.  Single Hackney Pony, 14.2 hands and under.

22.  Hackney Pony Stake.

Hackney Pleasure Pony Division:

5.  Hackney Pleasure Pony Open.

26.  Hackney Pleasure Pony Stake.

Roadster Pony Division:

11.  Open Roadster Pony.

24.  Roadster Pony Stake.

Roadster Horse Division:

10.  Single Roadster Horse, shown to a four-wheel buggy.

27.  Single Roadster Stake.

2.  Single Roadster, shown to a bike, wearing colours.

20.  Single Roadster Bike Stake.

Miniature Horse Division:

7.  Miniature Horse, under 34”.

1.   Miniature Horse, 34” and over.

25.  Miniature Horse Stake.

16.  Pair of Miniature Horses.

23.  Miniature Horses, Pair Stake.

19.  Miniature Horses, four or six animals hitched.

Morgan/Arabian / Half Arabian Horse Division:

15.  Morgan/Arabian/ Half Arabian Western Pleasure.

4.  Morgan/Arabian/ Half Arabian Native Costume.

28.  Morgan/Arabian/ Half Arabian Native Costume Stake.

9.  Miniature Horse – Driven by a child 18 years and under.

Special Classes:

13.  Lead line class, rider to be 10 years and under, lead by an adult. (All entries in this class will receive a ribbon and $10. prize money).

Schedule of Classes                             Time: 11:30 am

Heavy Horse Class 45: Commercial, Belgian, Percheron, Clydesdale, Shire, and Junior Driving Cart

1. Miniature Horse – over 34”

2.  Single Roadster Horse, shown to a bike.

Heavy Horse Class 46: Belgian, Cart: driven by a lady or gentlemen.

Heavy Horse Class 47: Commercial, Cart: driven by a lady or gentleman.

3.  Single Harness Pony, 44″ and under.

4.  Morgan/ Arabian Native Costume.

Heavy Horse Class 48: Commercial, Single Tandem of Mares or Geldings.

Heavy Horse Class 49: Cydesdale or Shire , Cart: driven by a lady or gentleman. One entry per exhibitor

5.  Hackney Pleasure Pony, open.

6.  Child’s Saddle Pony, 14.2 hands and under.

Heavy Horse Class 50: Percheron, Cart: driven by a lady or gentlemen.

Heavy Horse Class 51: Belgian, Light or Heavy Draft Team of Mares or Geldings

7.  Open cart – Miniature horse – under 34”

8.  Single Hackney Pony.

Heavy Horse Class 52: Commercial, Team of Mares or Geldings

Heavy Horse Class 53: Clydesdale or Shire Unicorn Hitch

9.  Miniature Horse – Youth Driver.

10.  Single Roadster Horse, shown to a four-wheel buggy.

Heavy Horse Class 54: Ladies Team; Belgian, Clydesdale, Percheron

Heavy Horse Class 55: Commercial, Team of Mares or Geldings

11.  Roadster Pony, open.

12.  Child’s Parade Pony.

Heavy Horse Class 56: Percheron, Unicorn Hitch.

Heavy Horse Class 57: Commercial, Unicorn Hitch

Heavy Horse Class 58: Belgian, Unicorn Hitch

13.  Lead Line

14.  Fine Harness Show Pony

Heavy Horse Class 59: Commercial, Four-Horse Hitch

15.  Morgan/ Arabian Western Pleasure

16.  Pair Miniature Horses

Schedule of Classes – Evening Time:  6:30 pm

Note: Light and Heavy Horse Classes are combined. The Heavy Horse Classes are listed in italics.

Heavy Horse Class 60: Decorated Cart Class

  1. Child’s Parade Pony Stake
  2. Fine Harness Show Pony Stake

Heavy Horse Class 61: Junior Driving

  1. Miniature Horse – Three or more animals, Hitches
  2. Roadster Horse Bike Stake
  3. Child’s Saddle Pony Stake

Heavy Horse Class 62: Commercial – random hitch

  1. Hackney Pony Stake
  2. Miniature Horse, Pair Stake

Heavy Horse Class 63: Six-Horse Hitch

  1. Roadster Pony Stake

Heavy Horse Class 64: Commercial, Troika Hitch

  1. Single Miniature Horse Stake
  2. Hackney Pleasure Pony Stake
  3. Single Roadster Stake

Heavy Horse Class 65: Four-Horse Hitch

  1. Morgan/ Arabian Native Costume Stake
  2. Harness Pony Stake 44” and under