Western Horse Show 2022

Sunday, August 7th, 2022 at 11:00 am in Arena

Co-Directors: Jackie Gratton & Don Gratton

Rules and Regulations

  1. Day of show, before 9:30 am competitors must register with Director
  2. Each Exhibitor must purchase a 2022 Exhibitor Membership prior to the Fair in order to exhibit.  Please refer to the membership section for prices. Payment must accompany the entry form.  Exhibitors that have not purchased a 2022 membership will not be permitted to exhibit. Exhibitor who has shown in 2019 and had a membership deducted from payouts will not need to pay membership for 2022.
  3. No Membership required for Lead Line Exhibitors but entries must be submitted.
  4. Entrance pass will be sent to Exhibitor once entries have been received.
  5. Entry fees will be deducted at the rate of 10% from all prize money and mailed out after the event.
  6. Exhibitor (rider) can only show 2 (two) horses per class.
  7. In order to show, entries must be submitted (even if membership is paid) with payment and proof of equine vaccination (EEE, WEE, TETAMIS, EIV, EHV) no later than August 1st, 2022. ABSOLUTLEY NO ENTRIES THE DAY OF THE SHOW
  8. ONLINE ENTRIES ONLY- visit our website www.navanfair.com with capability to pay via PayPal. **NEW**  NO EMAIL OR MAIL ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED***
  9. Entries close: August 1st, 2022 – no exception.
  10. All Exhibitors must show proof of $1,000,000.00 liability insurance coverage.
  11. Directors reserve the right to adjust the payout if needed.
  12. No interference or complaints to the Judge or Directors by any Exhibitors will be allowed. Judges and Directors decisions are final.
  13. Proper western riding attire is required; Western Hat (regular or hard), shirt with sleeves & boots.
  14. Once the Exhibitor is in the ring and loses his/her hat he/she will be penalized 5 seconds.
  15. Except for Lead Line; horses may only enter once in a class.
  16. For rider and horses security no chute start, circle rule applies. (You must circle your horse at the top of the ring before you start or you will be disqualified).
  17. One minute rule applies to enter the ring and start the timer.
  • Although negative Coggins Test results are not required for horse entries, the CTAS recommends that exhibitors have all horses fully vaccinated and Coggins tested for the protection of themselves, their horses and other exhibitors.
  • Animals showing signs of contagious diseases or parasitic infections, e.g. ringworm, IBR, lice, etc., will not be allowed on the grounds.  If a Veterinary check is required, it will be at the expense of the exhibitor and the veterinary ‘s decision is final.
  • In addition, the CTAS recommends that all animals have proof of Rabies Immunization a minimum of 30 days prior to the show in order to comply with O. Reg. 497/17, which is in affect as of July 1st, 2019.


Warm Up from 10:00 to 11:00 am

1. Jr. 3D Pole Bending8. Sr 3D Men Barrels
2. Sr. 3D Pole Bending9. Jr. 3D Dash for Cash
3. Lead Line Barrels10. Sr. 3D Dash for Cash
4. Lead Line Dash for Cash11. Jr. 3D Keyhole
5. Lead Line Keyhole12. Sr. 3D Keyhole
6. Jr. 3D Barrels13. Jr. 3D Flag
7. Sr 3D Women Barrels14. Sr. 3D Flag
  • Juniors – if less than 6 horses – class will be combined with seniors and an extra “D” placing will be added.
  • Juniors and seniors – if less than 11 horses in class – placing will be 1D
  • Junior & Seniors – if less than 16 horses in class – placing will be 2D – Junior +2 seconds for all classes and Senior +1 second except for Dash, Keyhole and Flag 1/2 second
  • Juniors 3D all classes is 1 second + 2 seconds
  • Seniors 3D Barrels & Poles is 1 second + 1 second
  • Seniors 3D Dash, Keyhole & Flag is 1/2 second + 1/2 second


LEAD LINE – 10 and under


Dash for Cash


PRIZES: $5. will be paid to all participants in ring.

JUNIOR (up to 18)

Barrels – 3D

Flag – 3D

Keyhole – 3D

Pole Bending – 3D

Dash for Cash – 3D


D1:    1st – $40.    2nd – $35.    3rd – $30.    4th – $25.

D2:    1st – $25.    2nd – $20.    3rd – $15.    4th – $10.

D3:    1st – $10.    2nd – $9.    3rd – $8.    4th – $5.


Flag – 3D

Keyhole – 3D

Pole Bending – 3D

Dash for Cash – 3D


D1:    1st – $60.    2nd – $55.    3th – $50.    4th – $45.

D2:    1st – $40.    2nd – $35.    3th – $30.    4th – $25.

D3:    1st – $20.    2nd – $15.    3th – $10.    4th – $5.

Sr Women Barrels – 3D

Sr Men Barrels – 3D


D1:    1st – $120.    2nd – $110.    3th – $100.    4th – $90

D2:    1st – $ 80.    2nd – $70.    3rd – $60    4th – $50.

D3:    1st – $ 40.    2nd – $30.    3rd – $20    4th – $10.